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Our Mission: Connect all to the farm

We love every opportunity we have to introduce people to the beauty that is Tusculum Farm. We delight in all of the life moments that happen here, and work to make your experience special and unique to you.

Michelle DiFebo Freeman


Favorite Part About “The Farm”: The farm truly has its own weather. Waking up in the morning and seeing the fog blanketed ponds and feeling the crispness in the air while wearing my favorite jeans and drinking a hot cup of coffee gave me a surreal sense of quiet and serenity. “The Farm” has its own healing qualities, and for me personally provided the time and place to heal and move on.

Nicholas Freeman

Head Farmhand

Favorite Part About "The Farm": I have always loved the escape the farm provides. Whether a busy day at work or a hard day at school, the farm provides a place where you can unwind and relax without the business that comes with living in the Washington DC area. Specifically, the screened-in-porch is my favorite place to kick back and hang, especially during a summer storm.

Trish Schechtman


Favorite Part About “The Farm”: I have always loved the “noise” around the farm. Whether peace and quiet or filled with laughter it always sounds perfect.

Joel Schechtman

Chief Farm Operator (CFO)

Favorite Time at "The Farm": Dusk is my favorite time at Tusculum Farm. This peaceful time of day is when the sunset paints the sky, all of our animals are tucked in for the night, and a cool breeze blows through the trees spreading a calmness throughout the farm.

Gail Small Merriam

Chief Bean Counter (CBC)

Favorite Part About “The Farm”: For 15+ years I have had the pleasure to call Tusculum Farm my office. Every day when I drive in I think to myself how lucky I am to work in such a majestic place. The beauty and serenity is boundless. I’m thrilled it will finally be shared with our guests.

Jose Bustulo

Assistant Chief Farm Officer (ACFO)

Favorite Place at "The Farm": I love to visit with the Alpacas. Each morning when I come to visit them they are so very excited to see me. The Alpacas can be complicated, shy, stubborn, but always hungry.


Farm Dog

Zeus’s favorite part of this farm is when the guests come to pet him!

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